What Is a Social Media Aggregator?

TwineSocial: How to Aggregate Social Media

A social media aggregator gathers posts from social media networks and displays them on websites or live event walls. These social walls help drive engagement with brand social media content in a powerful new way. By bringing customers and fans to their digital properties to engage with their content, companies create a far more brand-centered experience than they would gain from more traditional forms of social media marketing.

Social media aggregators also increase the credibility of brand websites and marketing campaigns by displaying real-time posts from actual fans and customers. Your customers are your greatest copywriters—and social media displays like TwineSocial make social proofing your brand easier than ever.

Social Media Aggregator View

It's no surprise then that brands are turning to social aggregation as a new way to connect with their audience. Until recently though, brands had two options to do this: (1) Build one themselves, draining developers' hours as they worked out the complexities of various social media networks' APIs, or (2) Rely on non-enterprise-grade, bolted-together open source solutions. But now services let brands easily and quickly build, customize, and maintain social media hubs for marketing campaigns.

TwineSocial does all the heavy lifting for you: gathering content from all the major networks, formatting it, and displaying it on your social media wall. All you have to do is select the networks and criteria you'd like to bring in content by. You can then optionally add custom CSS to match your brand's look-and-feel. Finally, embed on your page just by copy/pasting two lines of code into your website. It really is that easy.

TwineSocial includes other helpful tools. For instance, you can easily moderate out any post from your hub with just one click. Or route content meeting certain criteria to an approvals area before publishing.

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