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Twine Social collects your brand's social media content, and arranges it in a beautiful and dynamic view.
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What Is Twine Social?
Twine Social collects your social media content, and arranges it in a beautiful and dynamic view. It provides the tools you need to grow and engage your social audience. Display any social media content on your digital properties, and drive massive social engagement.

Connect any combination of social media feeds, including hashtags, from any social media network and Twine Social will aggregate your content onto one stunning destination on your website, TV, video wall, or display.

Your customers see your brand in action, making Twine the perfect social media hub.

Twine is richly interactive and engaging. Get beautiful presentation of your photos, videos, and other social media elements on your digital properties.

Watch your user engagement skyrocket.

Award winning social aggregation. We bring a personal and effective approach to social media. Bring your brand alive with Twine.

+215% visit duration. +60% average page views per visit. Twine is the ideal tool to drive higher social media engagement.

Michael Goltsman
Flexnor Brands
Vice President, Marketing

"We saw 215% increase in the average visit length after deploying Twine. Simply beautiful."

Aaron James Fox
Burtleton Apparel
Digital Creative Director

"The guys at Twine know social media. They've been the single most critical driver of our engagement this year."

Sean Getter
Maverick Brands
Brand Strategy Director

"We have a lot of really active users, so we were thrilled to get them even more excited and engaged with Twine."

Sergey Kvasov
Cicly Services
Art Director

Simply beautiful. Higher engagement. Actionable metrics. These guys just get it.

Twine Features
Twine is a powerful social platform, bringing together your social media content and streams from around the web. Our easy-to-use user interface enables you to quickly connect your social media profiles, moderate content, and promote your social media profiles in real time.


Twine provides you with a powerful administration interface. Moderate your content, configure your promoted profiles, monitor your performance, and more.


Identify your most influential followers with Twine. Track your overall engagements across all social networks with our rich suite of reporting tools.

QFollow Us

Twine beautifully features your official social media profiles. Your consumers can follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and more - with just one click.


Add your Twine social media wall to your website with just one line of HTML code. No development resources needed, so we'll have you up and running fast.


Twine tells you who influences your brand...and why. Reward your most enthusiastic social media participants with love, attention, and swag.


Play videos inside your Twine application seamlessly and beautifully. You work hard to attract visitors. Twine helps you keep them longer.

Supported Networks
Twine supports every major social media platform. Connect your brand social media profiles, and your social content will appear - beautifully presented - in near real time.


Connect your Facebook Page, and Twine will aggegate your Wall Feed and hashtags in real-time.


Twine streams your official tweets, as well as any hashtags that are related to your brand. Twine intelligently crawls any Tweet URLs, extracting relevant media and meta data.


Twine sports a beautiful video player, perfect for showcasing your brand's YouTube content. One-click subscribe button drives YouTube Channel Subscriptions.


Instagram is the ideal medium for brands with strong visual content. Twine Social intelligently collects your Instagram content by username, location check-in, or hashtag.


Twine offers a video player, perfect for showcasing your brand's Vimeo content. Twine Social offers support by search phrase, username, and more.

À10 more

Twine offers a mature and robust platform, with additional support for Flickr, RSS Feeds, and many more.

If it's out there, Twine will find it.

Pricing. All of it. No Hidden fees. (Really.) Each plan allows you to display social media from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and more.

per month

Our free plan. Ideal for small brands.

Up to 5 Threads

per month

Import social media content from up to 5 sources (#hashtags, @usernames or locations). Best for small brands focused on growth.

Up to 10 Threads

per month

Import social media content from up to 10 sources (#hashtags, @usernames or locations). Ideal for growing brands

Unlimited Threads

Call for pricing

Display social media content from up to 25 sources (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and +10 more). More features, and even more power.

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